Easybräu-Velo lands in Austria

We are in Sölden, an alpine town in the Ötztal valley, in the Austrian region of Tyrol. Ski resort in winter, downhill biking in summer.

Since August 2020, Sölden has its own brewery: Bäckelar Brewery Company.

The owners of the brewery are two cousins and young entrepreneurs, who had clear ideas right from the start: flood the valley with excellent top-fermented beer, Kölsch style. You read that right: high-fermentation, in Austria.

As in all countries with a strong brewing tradition, consumers’ palates have mostly standardized on lager styles. A small but strong wave of unconventional and creative brewers in Austria, however, want to let local consumers know that, while respecting traditional production, it is really possible to create masterpieces with full, local, authentic taste.

Our strength in Easybräu-Velo is supporting start-up, recognizing their strengths, identifying the right market niche to «attack» and designing together the system that best suits the achievement of production objectives.

The cousins-entrepreneurs have completely relied on our know-how. This is how we have designed, installed and delivered the turnkey brewery system.

The fully automatic brewhouse is equipped with a malt grinding and transport area, managed remotely and directly from the three-vessels brewhouse, nominal production 2000 liters per batch. Thanks to the spent grain unloading and the automatic hop dosage, the operator can take care of bottling, the warehouse or, as often happens, the paperwork, while the plant works in total autonomy. The service units, such as steam generator and refrigeration system, are in communication with the central «brain» of the brewhouse, thus allowing the operator to have everything under control from a smart-phone or tablet. The cellar, also interconnected to the system, is currently sized for a capacity of 300 hl. Access to the 60hl tanks is guaranteed by a stainless steel walkway, flanked by a second stainless steel walkway, designed according to local safety regulations, to permit the access of external staff of the brewery (such as visitors) to the tasting area which overlooks the brewhouse. A new and suggestive location surrounded by the mountains, an innovative packaging, a solid project, a reliable brewing system!