Microfiltration for beer

The microfiltration plants, from 10 to 500 hl/h, automatic or manual version, are made in AISI 316 Stainless Steel and they strictly observe the most rigid hygiene criteria.

  • Exclusion of each housing to allow filtration and washing together, thanks to valves and by-pass.To direct the CIP and thermal sterilization operations;
  • 1 or 2-stage filtration lines for the water service for CIP and thermal sterilizazion;
  • Functioning data acquisition: in case of anomaly the operator is alerted;
  • The PLC, in the automatic versions, through touch screen, controls all the process phases and allows the interfacing with other devices inside the production site.

Competitive advantages

  • Barrier with mix-proof valves between the filtration chambers and the washing chambers to prevent any leakage of chemical solutions with the product which is being filtrated;
  • Washing circuits specifically studied for a 100% sanitization;
  • Automatic control of the filter change, with no intervention of the operator;
  • Total recovery of the product inside the plant.

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