Services for breweries, microbreweries and brewpub.

Producing systems for breweries and microbreweries is just part of what we do.
Training and, more generally speaking, customer service are essential and daily components of our work.

Not just in words.

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Customer Service.

Additionally to the delivery, we are able to take care of all the installation phases and deliver the plant “hand-in-hand” : from the isolation to the connections, from testing to the start-up of the brewhouse. Easybräu-Velo also fosters the customer in the proper handling of all the administrative, bureaucratic and customs practices necessary to open a brewpub or microbrewery, so that all documents are perfect and complete from the delivery of the system. Thanks to our brewmasters we also offer personalized training on site.

Consulting and assistance.

From the very beginning, we help the customer to choose the most suitable plant for their size and production capacity. The system is tailor-made and we handle about the layout and dimensioning.

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Consulting and training Easybräu-Velo can also be distinghished because of the service that can offer and guarantee, which means from the technical assistance, to the maintenance, to the return of used-plants, to customized craft beer training according to each single people’s objectives. A pilot plant is always available in our company: to be trained on the craft brewing process or to test new recipes under the guide of expert craft brewers.