SIMEI 2022: TMCI Padovan wins the Technology Innovation Award

TMCI Padovan presents an innovative process for recovering carbon dioxide produced during grapes fermentation for microalgae production, photosynthetic unicellular organisms that need carbon dioxide to carry out their natural metabolism.

Fermentation produces CO2 which is first compressed and  then connected to a photobioreactor, made with recyclable materials,  so  light combined to few other inorganic nutrients will stimulate the algal biomass  to absorb CO2 and release oxygen into the atmosphere through chlorophyll photosynthesis.

With an average winery of 2.000.000 litres of wine/year with the consequent production of about 176 tons of carbon dioxide,  it is possible to accumulate almost 98 tons of algal biomass in 1 year.

The TMCI Padovan R&D facility and at the Department of Biology of the University of Padua  (IT), also patented a specific strain of microalgae capable to produce an oil very similar as composition to palm oil, thus resulting its valid and convenient alternate.

This certainly brings undeniable benefits for the environment and human health.

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