Did you know that? Unity is strength!

blankWhat is well known of TMCI Padovan, a century-old leader in the food and beverage processing sector, is its partition into four divisions.

Padovan, Easybräu-Velo, Blendtech and Chemtech: four entities well distinct from each other in terms of application sector, but always driven by the same work philosophy.
One thing that you may not yet know is that our four divisions not only work independently, but, when needed, a synergy between them is created. This allows the study, design and construction of systems that lead to diversification of customer production.

How to translate this observation practically?
Bringing you the experience of one of our Swiss customers, for whom we have created a multy-tasking system! An automatic 30 HL/brew Flex-Bräu brewhouse with 3 vessels, complete with automatic malt loading system, fermenters, cip and various accessories, and a syrup room, combined with a premix, flowrate 10 hl/h.
Before bottling, it was decided to opt for a flash and a tunnel pasteurizer, to be used according to the type of container chosen.
Pairing a syrup room and a premix with a brewery is certainly an investment, but not as unreachable as someone might think.
The advantage that can be gained from this diversification of production is enormous: in addition to the beer usually produced, any beverage is also obtained, depending on the needs and taste of the producer.
Our mission is to follow you on this journey, to advise you on the best strategies, to study together with you the project that best suits your needs. Because your success is our success!

If you want to know more about it, or if you are interested in taking an important step together with us, send us an email at padovan@tmcigroup.com.