Have you ever thought that beer at the bar costs as much as a common soft drink?

blankIt is absolutely normal for everybody, buying a beer or a soft drink at the bar. It is equally normal to pay for the chosen drink, without asking too many questions.
One detail that we hardly stop to reflect on, is the difference in cost between the beverages that we face.

If we analyze what are the initial production costs, and the resale price of the finished product in bars and restaurants, we notice surprising differences.

To produce a liter of craft beer you need:

  • Water, malt, yeast, sugar or derivatives: on average we could say.
  • Working hours between brewhouse, fermentation, bottling, etc .: on average.
  • Estimated total: € 2-2.5

To produce a liter of soft drink you need:

  • Water (about 90%), concentrated syrup with various flavors and essences, CO2.
  • The working hours between the syrup room and Premix are very few, because between sugar’s dissolution and preparation of the first tank of finished syrup is about 2 hours.
  • Estimated total: € 0.5-1.0

The meaning of this analysis?

Anyone who already has a plant for the production of alcoholic beverages, such as beer, can certainly benefit from purchasing a plant for the production of soft drinks (whether they are carbonated or not). Diversifying your production in this way would bring you a considerable advantage!

TMCI Padovan is the right partner to make such a choice, due to its decades of experience in both beer and soft drinks fields.