TMCI Padovan signs the agreement for the acquisition of the majority of Impiantinox

TMCI Padovan, as part of its strategic growth plan, signed an agreement for the acquisition of the majority of the company Impiantinox Srl, that holds the brand EasyBräu.

The closing of this operation is expected within May. With this transaction, TMCI Padovan aims to acquire the leadership in Italy in the production of plants for Craft Beer.

“Putting together the experiences of two companies”, declares Nicola Maron, president of TMCI Padovan, “Will allow us to significantly expand the combined market of our brands Velo and EasyBräu both in Europe and in the rest of the world”.

Egidio Grazian, managing director of Impiantinox notes that “Customers will certainly take advantage from this combination, both in terms of quality equipment as well technical and process support, thanks also to the recognized professionalism of the technicians of the two companies”.

“This is the first of important steps that will be carried out by TMCI Padovan, aimed to promoting an important company growth in the field of process sector.”, notes Gianfilippo Cuneo, CEO of the TMCI’s shareholder fund Synergo SGR. “Our main goal as fund – Cuneo says – is to support the company’s growth in terms of size and quality, in order to strengthen themselves in the international markets”.


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